August 12-16, 2020


Dear Tiki Oasis Family,

We send all our love to all those who have been affected by Covid-19. As you might imagine we have been paying close attention and monitoring the local and state recommended guidelines and laws around any sort of gatherings in relation to COVID-19. We are looking at the end of summer with cautious optimism but a high level of commitment to the safety and well being of our staff, performers and audience. 

We had hoped by this time we would have a specific idea of what will and will not be allowed in San Diego in August. As you can imagine this is always changing and based on a variety of COVID-19 trends and the capacity of the healthcare system to cope with the virus’s impact on the public. We see that San Diego is progressing with opening up but we do not know how rapidly this will happen. We do not have any way to predict the future and as you know the state or county can bring back restrictions to protect people’s health if opening up does not go as planned. 

Based on the information we have TODAY we have made a few decisions regarding TIKI OASIS which happens in just a few weeks!

We are moving forward with plans to celebrate Paradise Point BUT we will not be able to host our big Tiki Oasis 20th Anniversary event the way that we had envisioned and worked so hard to plan! This year we can not have large gatherings of people together. Instead we will move our big anniversary event with top entertainment and all the bells and whistles to next year, 2021.

That being said we CAN still stay at the hotel and do a TIKI OASIS TAKEOVER of the PARADISE POINT in AUGUST 2020!!

  • Since the Paradise Point hotel is now open Tiki Oasis fans that are interested in joining us staying at the hotel with us can do so.
  • The hotel has a Covid task force called STAY WELL AND STAY SAFE in place and the hotel has already has taken all the measures for a safe re-opening. Including temperature checks at arrival, extra sanitization, social distancing, masks etc. 
  • We miss you all! Tiki Oasis is about the PEOPLE. So if there is any way we can bring us together – even if 6 feet apart – we want to make that happen!  We want to see your faces – even with masks on! We do believe that we will be able to add some fun activities during the August weekend, with safety protocols in place. 
  • We are planning a Tiki Oasis art show and merchandise table, our pin-up photo shoots and POTENTIALLY a marketplace and a way to interact with our sponsored brands. Of course all social distanced! Expect an update from us in early July with a basic idea of what we feel we can safely plan for.
  • The great news is that Paradise Point is a 44 acre island resort with activities already in place from 5 swimming pools, a beach, water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding, restaurant and bar, mini golf, bike rentals etc. The Resort on it’s own is fantastic and magical and together we can explore all the possibilities it has to offer!! 

Let’s talk TICKETS!!

+ If you have already purchased a ticket to the Tiki Oasis 20th Anniversary event your ticket will be rolled over to 2021!  Keeping your ticket guarantees you have a ticket for next year! Oh and there is also a PERK if you keep the ticket for 2021 as you are getting a DISCOUNTED rate as the price of the ticket WILL go up next year.

+ Want a refund? As always our tickets are 100% refundable up to 30 days before the event. So you can choose to get a refund all the way until July 2021! To request a refund please do this directly in Eventbrite.  Boom it is THAT easy! Note: YOU MUST make the request for the refund! The refund is not going to automatically happen!!

+ There will be a NEW discounted ticket for those joining us for the Tiki Oasis Take Over of the Paradise Point in August 2020. This ticket will allow you access to the pools, marketplace and other special social distanced offerings. If you are staying at the hotel you must purchase a ticket. If you are local and not staying at the hotel we are looking at options for tickets that will allow for social distancing. We will announce the details of this in July.

Let’s talk HOTEL ROOMS:

+ If you have a hotel room and you want to keep it and join us at TIKI OASIS TAKE OVER this August there is nothing you need to change about your reservations. We will see you in August!

+ If you want to CANCEL your hotel room and get back your deposit you have until July 1st to make this cancellation. email: with your name and reservation number

+ If you are on the WAITLIST and you do NOT want to be on the waitlist anymore you will need to email: with your name and reservation #

+ If you are on the WAITLIST and you WANT a room there is nothing you need to do. As people cancel and rooms become available you will be contacted.

+ If you are staying at our sister hotel the DANA and want to CANCEL your room due to no longer attending please contact the Dana.

+ If you want to keep your room at the DANA there is nothing you need to do.

Thank you for your support and understanding! If you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out to us!

We miss you all!

Baby Doe & Otto von Stroheim

Tiki Oasis

countdown to TIKI OASIS!








Tiki Oasis, the original and largest  Tiki event in the world

August 12-16, 2020

Due to restrictions from COVID-19 Tiki Oasis has taken the opportunity to reimagine our event into an island exploration experience! Find a true Tiki Paradise amidst lush, tropical gardens, tranquil lagoons, and one mile of sandy beach at the historic Paradise Point Resort & Spa in Mission Bay. Join us this August and enjoy a sprawling outdoor marketplace, tiki art, rum tastings, five swimming pools, fine dining experiences, tropical cocktails, relaxing evenings on your own lanai and beach bonfires!
We hope you will join us this year for this pre-party for our huge 20th anniversary extravaganza in August 2021!