Thursday Seminars

Thursday 8/8 – 8:30am-9:30am

Free Event



Yoga w/ Kiki Lovelace

Find out why Kiki Lovelace was recently nominated Best Yoga Teacher in the East Bay by Oakland Magazine. Join this 60-minute Forrest Yoga class, and release tension and pain, and build strength. We’ll focus on healing moves for the hips, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed after your travel day and ready to parrrtaaay! ​’ Bring a yoga mat or towel, sunglasses or a sun hat and your water bottle. Kiki loves working with beginners so come one, come all!

Kiki is the Owner of Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga Studio in Berkeley and the Founder and Lead Business Growth Mentor for The Thriving Studio Owner Program. She has been teaching Forrest Yoga since 2007 (which happens to be the first year she came to Tiki Oasis with the Go Go dance troupe, The Devil-Ettes!). | website


Thursday 8/8 – 9am-10:30am
Peacock I




Tiki on Black Paper

Professional artist Eric October will instruct you step-by-step to create your own piece of 8x10 tiki art using the technique of colored pencils on black paper. You’ll be provided with all the tools and materials needed to create a ready-to-frame piece of art!

Entry is included with BOTH Cocktail and Deluxe passes.

Eric October’s art career started out as scribbles on his bedroom walls as a child. His parents were not fans of his early works. Undaunted by the initial art critic reviews, he continued to pursue artistic endeavors and branched out into drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, assemblage, fabric art, and where ever else his fevered brain forces him to go. Currently he is focusing on paper sculpture and ceramics. October is wildly enthusiastic about mid-century Tiki Culture and the original Polynesian art that inspired the movement, and hopes that his love for both is reflected in his artistic endeavors. | website


Thursday 8/8 – 9:30am-10:30am
Peacock I




Hale Akamai, Part 2: Foam Tiki and Panel Carvings

Back by Popular Demand! Ready for some real hands-on Tiki Bar Home Improvement? Let’s go back to that big box hardware store and grab new supplies. We will instruct and demo the use of foam and concrete tubes (etc.) to show you how to solve your tiki carving needs for those tough spots in your own home tiki bar!

Entry is included with BOTH Cocktail and Deluxe passes.

Eric Hainline has more than 30 years experience in computer technology, AND home improvement, AND custom crafting, Hainline has acquired a great blend of skills and knowledge necessary to imagine and execute unique tiki projects.| website



Thursday 8/8 – 1pm OR 3pm
Peacock II




Tiki Tasting (Two Seatings)

Thursday 1pm and 3pm sessions. This special event is NOT part of any other Tiki Oasis Ticket package. Interact one-on-one with makers representing new products, and some of our old favorites. Tiki Oasis has curated an international collection of a very limited number of rum and other spirit brands that go well in Tiki cocktails! Includes a Tasting Glass.

Choose one seating: 1:00PM-2:30PM *OR* 3:00PM-4:30PM

Special event NOT part of any other Ticket package. This event is 21+.

Thursday 8/8 – 10PM – Late
Peacock II



Tiki Talk Show Live from Tiki Oasis

Be a Tiki Star, or watch as we interview the Stars of the Tiki scene. Live Audience. Official Venue. Bigger Guests. Crazier Chances. Dumber Comedy. Audience Participation. Tiki Talk Show was born as a room party idea that got out of hand. JDobbs Rosa shot a 2 hour Live-to-Tape Late Night-style Talk Show where some guests were scheduled Tiki luminaries and some just wandered up looking for a drink and some fun. This year Rosa takes Tiki Talk Show to the next level. 

Entry is included with Basic, Standard, Cocktail and Deluxe passes.

Your Old Drinkin’ Buddy JDobbs has been going in all directions as long as he can remember. He’s got more than a decade and a half of onstage improv comedy experience, a resume that starts with trailer park handyman, goes through public access TV to more odd job descriptions than Craigslist, to currently wind up in animation production. With his penchant for diving into uncomfortable situations and making his own fun, JDobbs created Tiki Talk Show as an excuse to chat with all the cool cats and weirdos in a Tiki scene that’s he’s been obsessed with since he was just a goofy Santa Cruz Mountain surfer kid | website



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