Do you seek knowledge about the mystery of Tropical Cocktails during WWII? Are you a collector who wants to learn more about what’s out there and how to get it? Have you heard the music of Paul Page but want to find out who he really is? Learn all about Tiki architecture, fashion and South Seas Cinema and meet the stars of the screen. Or take some time to create a craft, learn to dance, or relax with a yoga class. Buy tickets for individual symposiums here!

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Symposiums by the Day

  • 8:30AM-9:30AM: Yoga on the lawn w/ Kiki Lovelace (Courtyard) – FREE
  • 10AM-11:30AM: Raffia Flowers & Pom-Poms w/ Nicole (Peacock Room II) – FREE
  • 10AM-11:00AM: Hula Hoop w/ Miss Mia (Courtyard) – FREE
  • 11AM-12 Noon: Build Your Own Bamboo w/ Eric(Peacock Room I) – FREE
  • 1PM-2:30PM: Tiki Storytelling: “Tiki Pilgrimages” w/ Karen Finlay (Peacock Room II) – FREE
  • 1PM-2:30PM: Tiki Tasting #1 (Grand Hanalei West Coral/Reef)
  • 1PM-2PM: Hula Dance Class (Atrium) – FREE
  • 3PM-4:30PM: Tiki Tasting #2 (Grand Hanalei  Coral/Reef)
  • 3PM-4PM: Swing Dance Class (Peacock Room II) – FREE
  • 8:30AM-9:30AM: Hangover Stretch It Out Class w/ El Vez (Grassy Area) – FREE
  • 9AM-10AM: Singalong w/ King Kukulele (Atrium) – FREE
  • 9:30AM-11AM: Tiki on Black Paper w/ Eric October (Peacock Room I)
  • 10AM-11:30AM: Pagan Island w/ special guest South Seas Cinema Star Nani Maka and Randy Avon (Peacock Room II)
  • 10AM-11AM: Mid-Century Modern and Tiki Architecture in San Diego w/Darren Bradley (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 11AM-12 Noon: Modern Hawaii w/ DeSoto Brown (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 11:30AM-12:30PM: Sex in South Seas Cinema w/Ed Rampell (Peacock Room I)
  • 11:30AM-12:30PM: EXOTICA: How the Music of the South Pacific morphed with classical and jazz to become the sound of Tiki w/ Brother Cleve (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • Noon-1PM: Storytelling thru Design w/ Brandon Kleyla (Peacock Room II)
  • 12:30PM-1:30PM:  The Art of Trader Vics w/ Eve Bergeron (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 1:30PM-2:30PM: Tiki TV: The Intimacy of Escape w/Jason Henderson and Adam Foshko (Peacock Room II)
  • 1:30PM-2:30PM: The Booze Renaissance Goes Tiki w/Jeff Cioletti (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 2PM-3PM: South Seas Musicals w/Matthew Locey (Peacock Room I)
  • 2PM-3:30PM:  Tiki Fashion Through the Decades w/ Caitlin, Dottie, & Patti (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 3:30PM-5PM: The Bitter Way: Understanding Mixing Drinks w/Ram Udwin (Peacock Room II)
  • 3:30PM-5PM: The History of Tiki Cocktails w/ Daniele Dalla Pola (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 4PM-5PM: Paul Page and his Paradise Music  w/Stefan Kéry and Domenic Priore (Peacock Room I)
  • 4PM-5PM: The History of Leopard Print w/ Jo Weldon (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 10AM-11AM: Tiki Morning Coming Down w/Humuhumu Trott (Peacock Room II)
  • 10AM-11AM: Hollywood’s Pacific War w/DeSoto Brown (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 10AM – 11AM: Tiki Swizzle Swap  (matchbooks & coasters too!) (Atrium Gazebo) – FREE
  • 11AM-12 Noon: Matchless Tikis: Collecting Tiki matchbook covers w/ Richard Greene (Peacock Room I)
  • 11AM-12 Noon: Skipper Stories – True tales from Disneyland Jungle Cruise w/David Marley (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 12 Noon-1PM: SeaWorld: San Diego’s Polynesian Playground w/Mike Skinner(Peacock Room II)
  • 12 Noon-1:30PM: A Real Conversation About Rum w/Bailey Pryor (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 1PM-2PM: Tiki Hunting & Collecting for Beginners and Experts w/Jason T. Smith (Peacock Room I)
  • 1:30PM-2:30PM: Pin-Up Hair w/ Lola Demure (Peacock Room II)
  • 1:30PM-3PM: Two-Fisted Adventures in Home Bartending w/Blair Reynolds (Grand Hanalei Coral/Reef)
  • 3PM-4PM: Hollywood Icons of Tiki Cinema w/Luis I. Reyes (Peacock Room II)
  • 3PM-4:30PM: World War Tiki w/Beachbum Berry (Grand Hanalei West Coral/Reef)
  • 3PM-4:30PM: Tiki Oasis Bookclub: Tales of the South Pacific by James A. Michener (Atrium)
  • 3:30PM-5PM: “Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story” w/ Kathy Zuckerman & director Brian Gillogly (Grand Hanalei Harbor/Lagoon)
  • 3:30PM-5PM: Professional Level Home Bar Techniques for Tikiphiles w/Kelly Merrell (Peacock Room I)
  • 10PM – 11:30PM: Dr. Trimrose’s Cannibalistic Sex-Crazed Blood Island of the Tiki-Bot.(Peacock Room II)
  • 9:30AM-11AM: King Kukulele Kids Tiki Tour (Atrium) – FREE
  • 11AM-12:30PM: El Vez: Irreverent Pop Anthropology (Peacock Room II) – FREE
  • 11AM-12 Noon: Charles Phoenix (Grand Hanalei West Coral/ Reef)
  • 1PM-2PM: The Golden Age of South Seas Cinema w/Ron Ferrell (Peacock Room I)
  • 1PM-3PM: Uke Jam (Atrium) – FREE
  • 3PM-4:30PM: San Diego Bartenders Battle (Peacock Room II)

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