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Our favorite press links from the past few years.


Tiki Oasis Heads into Space – KPBS
Tiki Oasis Weekender – Fox 5
15th Anniversary of Tiki Oasis – Huffpost Entertainment
Tiki Oasis presents Yesterday’s Future Today –  San Diego Union Tribune
Top 10 Things to do in San Diego – San Diego City Beat
Three days of Tiki – Los Angeles City Beat
Tiki Oasis 2015: Tikis in Space – OC Weekly
Tiki Oasis Soars to New Heights – The Atomic Grog
10 Tiki Oasis Tips –  Modern Tiki Lounge
Tiki Oasis 2015 – Sweetie Suzy Blog
My first Trip to Tiki Oasis 2015 – Hawaiian Shirt Dude

It’s Tiki Time – CBS 8 News
Tiki Oasis Goes Beat – KPBS TV
Like, Dig That Tiki Art Man – Cartwheel Art
LA Weekly Tiki Oasis Photo Show – Lina Lecaro – LA Weekly
Beauty, Tiki Oasis Style – Donna Lethal – Los Angeles Beat
A Musician’s Guide to Tiki Culture – Nina Garen – Union Tribune
Rolly Crump brings the Tiki Room to Life – Ed Simon – Los Angeles Beat
Tiki Oasis Union Tribune Entertainment Calander – Union Tribune
Tiki Oasis 2014 Beat Tiki post event coverage – A Mountain of Crushed Ice
Where Tiki meets Beat – Eichler Network
14th Tik Oasis Hits the Beat – Beatnik & Tiki Collide Andrew Almazan – Rod Authority
Otto von Strohiem Pioneering Event Promotor – The Atomic Grog
A Subculture Worth Exploring Kinsee Morlan – San Diego City Beat

Tiki Oasis Art Show – Cartwheel Art
Get Ready for Hawaiian Americana at Tiki Oasis – Eichler Network / CA Modern
Tiki Oasis 2013 – The Los Angeles Beat
Tasting Tiki: Exotica Cocktail History at Tiki Oasis – Huffington Post
Island connection equals ‘Hulabilly’ heaven – Union Tribune Preview
The revival of Tiki cool – Union Tribune Coverage
Bring Your Leis (and Blue Suede Shoes) to Tiki Oasis! – San Diego Troubador
Boozy Classes at Tiki Oasis – San Diego Eater
Paradise Found – Eichler Network / CA Modern
Vintage Cool San Diego – NBC Los Angeles
A Tipping Point in the Compensation Debate – Voice of San Diego
Gear Up! Tiki Oasis ’13 – Rod Authority
Tiki Oasis 2013: Hulabilly! – Art Nerd

How to Go Tiki – Specs+Spaces
Tiki Culture Celebrated At San Diego Annual Festival – KPBS San Diego Public Radio
Tiki Oasis 2012 – Pinpoint Music
A Wrap Up of Tiki Oasis 12 –
Tiki Oasis: Where Espionage Meets Exotica – San Diego Troubadour
Operation: T.I.K.I.: A cosmic spy’s musical mission at Tiki Oasis – Rocketzine2011

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