King Kukulele

Agent Orange

Josie Cotton

The Fleshtones

Gerald Casale

performing w/ Tiny Bubbles

Jon & the Nightriders

Tikiyaki Orchestra

El Vez

Insect Surfers

Joey & The Showmen

Debora Iyall of Romeo Void

Pearl Harbour

Tim Polecat

The Outta Sites

Los Tiki Phantoms

The Surfrajettes

The Intoxicats

Judd Finkelstein

w/ The Tiny Bubbles

The Hula Girls

w/ The Tiny Bubbles

MeduSirena the Fire Eating Mermaid

Burt “Fuzz” Nutley

w/ The Tiny Bubbles

Drifting Sand

Par Avion


Los Freneticos

The New Waves


The Greasy Gills


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