Car Show Application

Overall, we are seeking pre-1970s vehicles BUT if you feel your ride would be perfect for this car exhibition and doesn't fit that criteria let us know. We do make exceptions if you are a match for our theme!

Participation in this car show does not include any payment for exhibitor but it does include the opportunity to purchase two discount tickets to the evening events.

If you have more than one car please fill out separate applications!


Rules and Regulations

All exhibitors must participate BOTH Saturday August 11th AND Sunday August 12th from 9am – 5pm.

Exhibitors agrees to stay for the full duration of the car show and will not leave before 5pm on Sunday Aug 12th

Exhibitor agrees to pay hotel parking fee (approx $14 per day).

Exhibitor is required to have their own liability and insurance coverage, recognizable in California.

Exhibitor car must be in driveable condition.

Drivers of any and all vehicles in the Car Show area must possess a valid driver’s license

Exhibitors agree to no exhibitions of speed or reckless driving, (wheelies, peeling out, burnouts, etc.) are not permitted.

By submitting this form, the participant agrees to all rules and regulations listed above.

Note that upon acceptance, Tiki Oasis will send you an official agreement