BIPOC Pinup Parlez 

Fashion & Tiki Glamour

We’re over the moon to have you join us for BIPOC Pinup Parlez this Sunday, November 8th at 11am PST! This event, sponsored by the Diversity & Inclusion Council for Tiki Oasis, features some of our favorite BIPOC Pinups in their Tiki fashion finest! Not only will you get to bask in their beauty, but you will have the opportunity to hear a little bit about what drew them to the world of pinup and get a peek into their experiences as BIPOC in spaces that, traditionally, offer very little BIPOC representation. Grab your favorite Sunday beverage and join us for a little socially conscious pinup glamour! Featuring: Ashleeta Beauchamp, Jessabelle Thunder, Miss Shellshock, Nathaly Aguilera, Ruby Champagne, Sugar Moon, Vera Safire and moderated by: Susana Vestige. 


When: Sunday, November 8th at 11am PST
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Tiki Oasis monthly D & I series focuses on subjects of history, appropriation vs appreciation of cultures, minority cultures, Tiki Culture* and Mid-Century Americana. The goal of this series is to provide a forum for education, knowledge and conversation. Through this series we invite marginalized groups to amplify their voices to share their knowledge and experiences, we invite advocates and allies to ask questions, and we invite all to contribute to the broader discussion on diversity, inclusion, representation and equality in the Tiki community.
* Tiki Culture, Tiki Style or Polynesian Pop refers to the mainland America art movement that flourished in America and across the globe between the mid-1930s until the late 1970s and has experienced a revival from the late 1990s to the present.


Since Tiki Oasis has not able to have our big in-person event we have been hosting a series of fun virtual events! Fans have enjoyed our Tiki Oasis TV program including meet-ups, art show, seminars, live entertainment, a HUGE Virtual Marketplace and much more! We will continue to offer virtual connections thru our monthly D & I series, LIVE DJ sets on Twitch and Youtube and Aloha Caftan Society and Cabana Set meet-ups!

Thank you all for the amazing continued support! We look forward to being together again in 2021 to celebrate our 20th anniversary with all the bells and whistles in San Diego (8.21)  and at our sister event Arizona Tiki Oasis at the historic Hotel Valley Ho (4.21)

events below have already 

taken place!

rum. power. people.

 BROADCAST: Oct 11th,2020

Free Event to Benefit to the Drinks Trust.

Rum has quite a spirited history dating back to early rum punches and grogs (yes, Pirates!). The history and legacy of Rum is mired in colonialism, slavery, economic oppression and organized crime. Is that all in the past? Beyond the delicious concoctions we all crave today what is currently happening in the world of Rum? Sly Augustin of Trailer Happiness (London) shares with us a journey through rum and the people who made it.


Born and bred in Notting Hill, it was almost fate when Sly Augustin became the owner of West London’s acclaimed mid-century Tiki community bar, Trailer Happiness in 2012. Augustin’s lifelong love of rum started during a summer trip to St. Lucia aged 18 where, after trying some powerful local rums from the barrel, he discovered a local coconut rum liqueur. From there, he grew his knowledge of the spirit becoming one of London’s leading rum aficionados.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; tiki, Pasifika & Colonial Power

BROADCAST: Sept 13th, 2020

Free Event to Benefit to the Pasifika Project.

Join Tiki Oasis for our September Tiki Oasis Monthly D &I Series* From the time of the earliest encounters with Western colonizers, the Pacific region and its Indigenous people and cultures have been, and continue to be, greatly impacted by the forces of colonialism and imperialism. Given from an Indigenous Pasifika point of view, this discussion will examine the implications of colonialism in the Pacific, in order to provide historical and cultural context to contemporary conversations about tiki and appropriation, as we collectively examine tiki’s place and potential evolution within today’s hospitality industry.


Mariah Kunkel is of Indigenous CHamoru (Guahan) and African-American descent. Supported by a diverse professional background of 10+ years in marketing, brand management and business development, Mariah’s career has primarily focused on education and advocacy on behalf of craft spirits producers, with a particular emphasis on artesanal mezcal. Mariah most recently was the Brand Development Director for Banhez Mezcal Artesanal and previously served as the Director of Marketing for Brooklyn Gin.  Mariah holds a Juris Doctor from Loyola Marymount and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Cal State Northridge. 


You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV

Sensual Paradise – Deconstructing the Romanticization of the Alluring Island Maiden’


This round table conversation explored the image of the “Exotic Polynesian Wahine” from early South Seas pop culture to Tiki Style and beyond. From cinematic hula girls, black velvet paintings, menu art, tattoos, and exotic entertainers, the image of the island girl has had many iterations, some innocuous, some stereotypical, but still a historic iconography of our beloved mid-century Tiki Culture. Can this iconography be celebrated in the current Tiki Culture revival while still acknowledging the racial and sexist mores of the past? Join our panelists Angelica Navarro, Chockie Tom, Lindsay Reva McNicol, Mariah Kunkel and MeduSirena in an open-minded, inclusive discussion about the implications, history, and future of the portrayal of the Island girl. Moderated by Maggie Campbell. “Tip Jar” to benefit Heiva San Diego.

You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV

tiki oasis soundtrack

BROADCAST: Oct 29th – 31st, 2020

Free event featuring 20 Djs and 30 hours of  Tiki Oasis DJS spinning LIVE! 

Event archived on Tiki Oasis TV


BROADCAST: Oct 30th, 2020

Tiki Oasis producers Baby Doe & Otto interview the artist SHAG. Includes a dance party with DJ sets by DJ Otto and DJ Brother Cleve!

Event archived on Tiki Oasis TV

Tiki Oasis ARTSHOW REception

BROADCAST: Oct 30th, 2020

Meet the artist of our TIKI OASIS Halloween art show! Hosted by BigToe and Audrey Moorehead.

Event archived on Tiki Oasis TV


disney goes Tiki

Aug 14th, 2020
Hosted by David “Dr Skipper” Marley

Dr. Skipper shared with us new adventures about the artists and inspirations behind the creation of Disneyland’s Adventureland and the Enchanted Tiki Room. Marley also shared wild cast member stories about The Enchanted Tiki Room from his book More Skippers Stories: True Tales From Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise. Proceeds benefit the Walt Disney Family Museum.

virtual marketplace cocktail hour

Aug 14th, 2020
Hosted by Audrey Moorehead

Support Tiki Oasis Artists! Get to know the artists, makers and traders of Tiki Oasis in this fast-paced unique virtual event! Featuring over 50 Tiki Oasis Marketplace vendors! 

You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV

ape record release party

Aug 14th, 2020
Hosted by the band APE

Ape ‘Supersonic’ record release party. Included NEW music, film clips, Tiki carving and mug raffle hosted by exotica band APE! Listen in to hear about Ape’s first ever vinyl record.

You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV

shopping in pajamas

Aug 15th-16th, 2020
This free TWO DAY EVENT featured over 50 vendors! Our virtual marketplace included livestream interactions, live artist meet-ups and an overall unique virtual shopping experience with the makers and creators that make Tiki Oasis such a unique experience! You. can still support Tiki artists and SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Full List of Vendors HERE

‘Rum & Reàl Exotic Cocktail Challenge’

Aug 15th, 2020
Hosted by Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell

This Rum & Reàl challenge featured some of the world’s most exotic bartenders as they showed off their skills in this fast-paced tropical cocktail challenge! Watch these mixologists whip up their rum masterpieces in only 3 minutes. They shared their rum of choice, the fresh fruit flavor and 3 other ingredients as they created a drink exclusively for Tiki Oasis. 
Sponsored byReàl Cocktail Ingredients 

You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV

tiki oasis art show Virtual reception

Aug 15th, 2020
Hosted by BigToe

Curated by Baby Doe the 11th Annual Art Show features over 30 Tiki artists!

Tiki Oasis Art Show Virtual Reception was a free event that featured a tour of all art, opportunities to purchase art and interviews with artists.

(This art was also displayed at a socially distanced exhibit at Paradise Point & Spa Resort, San Diego 8/13-8/16).

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aloha caftan stroll

Aug 15th, 2020

Tiki Oasis fans dressed up for the Aloha Fashion Stroll by wearing their best/most favorite caftan and strutting their stuff.


main tiki oasis showcase!

Aug 15th, 2020

Tiki Oasis TV Main Showcase!! Featured music, mixologist showcase and special guest appearances from fans, friends and performers of Tiki Oasis! For those staying at Paradise Point Resort & Spa this event was simulcast to all hotel rooms!

You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV

Late Night Room Party!

Aug 15th, 2020

This wild late night virtual “Room Party” included DJ’s, dancers, and other mischief from around the globe hosted by Barron Scott Levkoff of Midwayville & If ‘N’ Wendy! 


The Velvet Gazette Virtual Release Party

Aug 16th, 2020 

We love throwing virtual events (almost as much as in-person events!) This free Zoom Party featured live music, Burlesque, interviews and so much more! Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Susana Andrea. Velvet Gazette newspaper is inspired by vintage aesthetics and culture and brought to life through the perspective of women from every continent.

You can watch this event on Tiki Oasis TV