Fisherman and Kitty Chow

Fisherman and Kitty Chow

Kitty Chow And Fisherman are an exciting new duo featuring two veteran performers of the Retro music and Neo-Burlesque scenes.

Kitty (Ukulele and Vocals) was born in Hawaii where she learned traditional music at a young age. In the late '90s she worked in Fisherman's Famous San Francisco Burlesque. For the past 6 years she has been in Honolulu working with the Cherry Blossom Cabaret and singing with her bands Soul Revival Sound System and lounge combo, Kitty Chow and her Purrr-cassettes.

Fisherman (vibraphone), formerly of 90's lounge core band Frenchy and Ape, started producing Tiki and Burlesque shows in 1997. He moved to New York in 2001, becoming  a major player in the downtown performance world and at Coney Island, where he continues to produce the longest running show in the Burlesque at the Beach series, Fisherman's Love Luau.

The two reunited in 2012 and have been playing extensively on the west and east coasts. Their duet sound is a mix of traditional Hapa Haole Hawaiiana, Exotica, Jazz and 50s/60s garage/rockabilly/surf strangeness. They really began exploring the "Hulabilly" sound last year while playing a residency at New York's famed Rodeo Bar- the "only honky tonk in town!"-where Kitty's love of Western swing and Hawaiian cowboy culture blended with Fisherman's rock and roll background and Tiki aesthetic.

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