Derek Yaniger

Derek Yaniger

Okey Dokey Doggie Daddy, lemme give ya' the skinny on what makes me tick tock.

I sprung off my squawkers in 1960 in SwineCity Arkansas. Once I ponied up the bread, I split. I blew into Atlanta 'round the mid '80s and gotta gig scratchin' out art at a local sweatshop. I copped a squat there for 3 years but the cabbage was like, nowheresville, so I just had to cut out. I gave that nogoodnik from creepsville the heave-ho. I still roost in Georgia but nowadays I print my own foldin' green. Over the past 20 years, give or take, I've rolled out chicken scratchins for some way solid big wigs like Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network. Today I spend my dims and brights pedalin' my art to such mags as Atomic, Barracuda, and Car Kulture Deluxe. I also land a lot of gigs doin' prints for shows like Tiki Oasis, Hukilau, and the Wild Weekend.

Once you get a load of my art I hope you dig it the most. If it really flips your wig and you want me to scrawl somethin' out just for you, snap the whip, I'l make the trip. Here's wishin' you a one way ticket to Flipsville.

Plant ya' now, dig ya' later!

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