Lucky La Rocka

Lucky La Rocka

Lucky La Rocka is a limey expat now living in Los Feliz.

Lucky is the cat behind the 'Hollywood Fish Fry'& 'El Paradiso'  rockin' dance party nites in Los Angeles which he DJ's with fellow vinyl junkie Jukebox Mama ( Nuria Alsina).

Born in a lonely shack on the wrong side of the railroad tracks to the tune of a Rock n Roll Rumble...

El Primitivo Rock n Roll runs in his blood. You'll find all 'the good shit'  in his Pandora's Box of musical mayhem ....Wig Flippin' Rhythm n Blues ....Eerie Exotica ....Twisted Rockabilly...Evil Surf, Grindin' Garage Punk ...Greasy Soul & much much more.

When he's not dealing in Vintage Clothing he's grubbing about in dark places for lost vinyl treasures. He is a regular DJ at VIVA LAS VEGAS&& is heading home to Blighty in November  for the RHYTHM RIOT weekend to bring a taste of the Hollywood Fish Fry to the proceedings .  As a guest Dj he has played amongst many others... at the Lady Luck Club & Virginia Creepers Club in London , the historic Balajo in Paris .....opened up for the Stray Cats & played Link Wray's last American show.

Lucky's message to all Tiki Oasis peeps ... " Can't wait to party with you guys , let's get dressed up , messed up ...ready to GO "

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