Double 0 Duke

Duke Weiss

Haywire Duke, The Duke of Hulabilly History, is from a large backwards family of self -trained musicologists all-named Duke. Born in Culver City, CA long long ago, Haywire Duke has spent the last thirty years studying post-war blues, jazz, lounge, surf, novelty, latin, ska, rural country, honky tonk, western swing and early Hawaiian Steel Guitar music. Duke has gone far and wide for his research, and too often boasts of visiting record stores in all 50 states (Hawaii six times) and in some 31 countries. Duke has personally seen or touched over a gazillion record albums and has listened to over 150,000 different 45s. His archives are literally zonkers. For instance, he has over 50 versions of “ Born to Lose ” and over 100 versions of Hank Williams, “Your Cheating Heart .” He appeared on a weekly show on KCRW as the Duke of the Blue Sound and has long been a guest of local southern California radio stations, KLXU, KPFK and of recent on the internet, on Luxuria Music. He has done shows on subjects as divergent as the music of the Beatniks, the Twist, Frank Zappa, Sam Cooke, Preston “Mr. Bongo” Epps and Dick Dale. He once did a two-hour show with Blues songs that only contained in the title, the word “Chicken”. Duke’s latest challenge will be at the City of Angels Guitar Show in Pasadena in May, where he will play 49 different guitar players in a row, including a guitarist who plays a one-string guitar. Over the past year, HDTDHH, has spent numerous hours finding Hawaiian and Country steel guitar 78’s, culling rare LPs and Hulabilly archival film footage. At this year’s TKO, he will present a one–of-a-kind show of his findings, called Steelin Home, the roots of Hulabilly. When not obsessively searching for music, Duke teaches LAUSD high school students with multiple-handicaps the disciplines of how to run a business, by selling records on EBAY under the seller name, wetrade-e-trade.