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The Producers

Tiki Oasis is produced by the von Stroheim Family since 2001.

Otto Von Stroheim

Otto was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Young Otto was never more than a short car ride away from various Tiki restaurants, hotels, and apartments, Disneyland, and the beach.

After 10 years of backyard Tiki parties, in January of 1995 Otto launched Tiki News zine to chronicle his Tiki travels and network the then-tiny Tiki community. He started a tradition of hosting art exhibits for the cover artists of Tiki News and later curated art shows as his Tiki Art Now! series. With each of the three Tiki Art Now! exhibits a full color catalog was printed to further document the Tiki art scene. Meanwhile he began booking his own Disc Jockey nights as well as larger Tiki events in an effort to bring Tiki to the masses.

Since 1995 he has published seventeen issues of his zine, written liner notes for Exotica reissues of Arthur Lyman and Don Ho, introductions to books, and magazine articles. He has appeared on local and national television (Home and Garden’s “That Sixties Home” and Food Network’s “Unwrapped”), National Public Radio’s “California Report”, Internet Culture Guide “Flavorpill”, and has been quoted in nearly every major newspaper in America. Otto has a monthly DJ gig the first Thursday at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge.

Baby Doe von Stroheim

Baby Doe is the Artistic Director and Producer of the first ever burlesque convention Tease-O-Rama (2001). In 2011, Baby Doe was honored by the Burlesque Hall of Fame with the “Sassy Lassy Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Burlesque,” in recognition of Tease-O-Rama’s impact. At BurlyCon Seattle, Baby Doe has been both a Guest of Honor (2009) and Guest Speaker (2011/15/16) and now serves on the BurlyCon Board. She has been a judge at many burlesque competitions including Burlesque Hall of Fame, Viva Las Vegas and the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Baby Doe is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of The Devil-Ettes, San Francisco’s first (and only!) synchronized 60’s go go dance troupe. Her passion for preserving the historical dances of the 60’s has led Baby Doe to create Pip Squeak A Go-Go, a children’s dance party that teaches the lost art of go go to the next generation. Little Known Fact about Baby Doe: in 1994 she created a webpage called Baby Doe’s Obsessed. It covered her love of tiki, tiki collectors and other wacky collections. This mysterious tiki lover sparked interest in a young man named Otto… and the rest is… well… Tiki history!!

Baby Doe’s events have been covered in the NY Times, LA Weekly, Bust Magazine, The Village Voice, Newsweek, Playboy, ABC News, LA Times, SF Chronicle, Hustler, Spanish GQ, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Mademoiselle, Utne Reader, NPR, USA Today and more!