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Advertise or Sponsor Tiki Oasis

Tiki Oasis offers a wide variety of opportunities for your organization to be featured at the event.

Get exposure to our crowd thru sponsorship, banner placement, product samplings and tastings, merchandise promos and advertising. Participate in specialized events such as symposiums, suite events, private tastings, car show, art gallery, kid activities, late night events, product sampling, or create an event around your new product launch, partnership or anniversary with a custom or special event sponsorship. We look forward to opportunity to working with you on a package that will best suite your needs! Note that we are also open to increasing the value of your Sponsorship/Advert Package in exchange for reasonable and valuable trade. Ask us for details!

Download the 2017 Tiki Oasis Sponsor Kit

Who is the “Tiki” crowd?

Tikiphiles are lovers of island lifestyle and our demographic ranges in age from 5 years to 65 years old. Tiki Style instinctively appeals to all ages, and many of our attendees bring their families along to share the Polynesian Paradise vacation experience that Tiki Oasis provides. Kids love Tiki Style because it has elements of primitivism, mystery and Disneyland-like fantasy. Adults dig it because it offers adventure and enchantment, with a touch of the exotic.

Tiki Oasis attendees are professionals that are interested in music and entertainment (current and past), architecture and art, cocktail culture, fashion, Americana, Hawaiiana, Polynesian Preservation and History, and the finer things in life, such as a properly prepared Mai-Tai! The Tiki Oasis crowd is cultural, intellectual, global-minded and politically aware. They are world travelers and avid collectors and consumers of Tiki, Pop Culture and Vintage Merchandise (Tattoo, PinUp, Low-Brow and Oceanic Art, Mid-Century Modernism, Space Age and Kitsch to name a few). Tiki Oasis is a global event attracting a good number of attendees from all over planet earth.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, or for further information send us an email regarding Advertising or Sponsorship Opportunities to: marketing@tikioasis.com